Meet the Rancher - Ashly Martin

Ashly Martin - 3rd Generation Texas Rancher

Ashly Martin comes from a long line of Texas ranchers.  Ashly owns the Trails End Ranch, 1500 acres of rolling rangeland in the Texas Hill Country.  The area is studded with Texas live oak and mesquite trees, as well as abundant prickly pear cactus. 

A few years ago he decided to embark on a new adventure - raising Spain's famous black Iberico pigs.  So he sold off his herd of Angus cattle and began breeding the hearty, inquisitive Spanish pigs.  

They took to the ranch immediately and were full of surprises.  In Spain, Iberico pigs' favorite food is acorns.  While Ashly's pigs do eat plenty of acorns under the Texas oaks, they absolutely love sweet mesquite beans and prickly pear fruit!  Both are full of nutrition and antioxidants, and add a uniquely Texan flavor to the pork.

The animals live outside, wandering the property and grazing on grass, herbs, and anything else they can find.   With over an acre per animal, this is some kind of hog heaven!